We are pleased to introduce AL SAFA BUILDING ROADS AND CONTRACTING LLC (ASRC) has been in the construction industry for more than 13 years in UAE, a Division of UNIQUE Group(UAE, Qatar & India) The company is dedicated to serve its customers honestly, hence have been awarded for confidence in the UAE, a reputation of highly reliable and efficient supplier of construction related services. ASRM is well distinguished for its exceptional level of safety and environmental awareness.

AL SAFA BUILDING ROADS AND CONTRACTING LLC(ASRC) operates mainly in the following fields of: Earth works, all types of road works, Pipe line works (Drainage, Sewerage, Irrigation, Etisalat, Electrical and Water etc.) Fencing works, Road marking, Pavements, Guard rails, Hand rails, Chamber works, Culverts, Traffic signs and all types of building cont. & Electro Mechanical Works etc. has expanded its network and operations to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other Emirates. Our excellent equipment for hire, are controlled by highly qualified machine operators who are continuously delivering the highest quality services, while assuring that the environment is unharmed and that accident rates are at their lowest levels.

Our company spares no effort to achieve the commitments to its clients and business associates in all activties, backed by well trained employees and a highly qualified management in order to ensure that our customers’ expectations are met and that their needs are always satisfied. In order for us to maintain the highest industry and to remain as the market leader, we are always open to any feedback from our clients regarding the quality of our infrastructure construction, road works etc.