We provide the most reliable and effective duct laying and back filling services in UAE. Our higher level of professionalism and commitment meets the need of dynamic industries. With long-term relationship with our clients, we solely focused in fulfilling the requirements of them with exceptional services and guaranteed satisfaction.

We are specialized in broad range of services like:

  • Underground services like cable laying, testing & termination works.
  • Pulling and Butt welding of PE pipes.
  • Underground laying and burial of ducts in all classes of soil including finished and unfinished surfaces, rocks, subkha, concrete and asphalt.
  • Constructing cast in Situ and precast of manholes and joint boxes.
  • Back filling works followed with compaction.
  • Excavation for commercial sites.
  • Utility trenching, septic systems and slab preparation.
  • Clearing , grading and site restoration.